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February 14th, 2013, 08:12 AM
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Originally Posted by anon View Post
PLEASE i need help i am so confused and terrified
OK so heres the beginning, its currently february 1st. I am 17, and havent had sex since august. i am on birth control, and i always use condoms (iv only ever had sex 3 times, and when i did have sex in august, he didnt ejaculate inside me) The month of January i went of birth control because i was feeling nauseas (i have sugar metaboism issues, not morning sickness or anything). Anyways, i went to get a urine test at my doctors because my mom thought i had a bladder infection and i get a call from my doctor today telling me im pregnant, which is what they found in my urine. i almost passed out i was so terrified, so i booked a blood test for next week to confirm, and i went out and purchased 2 at home pregnancy tests, both of which came out negative. i am so confused, i havent had sex since august how woul di be pregnant?? If that were the case, i would be 6 months! i got my period august to december, the only month i am late on is january and its only february 1st, and of course i didnt think anything of i tbecause i havent had sex, and because im off the pill this month so i would figure it would be irregular
Im just so worried and confused i dont know what to do I currently have cramps, which im assuming are period cramps but i dont know. please give imput, has anything similar happened to you?
I think you should get a blood test. it makes no sense that you are 6 months preggo.. I think you would know by now... Good luck
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