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February 25th, 2013, 09:16 PM
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I love working from home around my family! I've been working and earning a reliable income from home for the past 5 years! What I love most is that I don't have to leave my house and there's no selling products, delivering products or large investment. I couldn't imagine my life without our reliable and residual income coming in month after month for our family!

If you want to start a home business choosing the right one is important. Be sure you have a team of support, and that the risk and investment doesn't out-weigh the income you will be making. There are a lot of home businesses that will tell you to "fake it till you make it", and I love that I don't have to do that. We are real people earning real incomes that last a lifetime. Make sure you team up and are coachable and you will do great!
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