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March 3rd, 2013, 12:26 PM
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Jenilope said it all but I will add in a few in my own words

My boys are under 16, well my oldest will be 16 in a couple weeks . He knows I dont allow sleepovers and he knows when he goes to a friends house I check up. Yes he isnt as open with me no more but I know all his friends parents to a point and we all do talk. However one friend I had allowed him to sleep over at , it was at a girls house. She was to be in the hosue while my son stayed in the guest house with her dad. THey were leaving at 6am and I felt best he not disturb the house here to leave to go snowboarding. I trust him that things did not happen as Sean would of needed a key to get back into her house nad the alarm would of went off to signal the door was open. So that situation I trusted. I have heard rumors about my son having coed sleepovers at friends houses to and I do not approve of it. I would never approve of it even here. If the girl was in trouble or something then perhaps BUT there would have to be a talk with her parents and what not. I would be mad that my child did not even mention till after the fact. I dont know. This is a subject I am so terrified over because I know how teenage boys are and all I have are boys. OMg makes me terrified to know he could of lied also.

What have you decided after ?
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