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March 5th, 2013, 03:54 PM
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LOL Nicole! And good for you, Liz!

So Grace has never really been a climber...fine by me. But just this week she has figured out that she can drag a stool over to something and climb up to get what she wants, turn on the lights, etc. Here we go! And also new: she now will get out of bed in the morning without one of us going in to get her. For nearly a year she's been in her toddler bed, and she would yell for one of us to come get her when she woke up. No longer. Luckily she has been coming straight to our room when she wakes up. But...the getting out of bed in the morning on her own, combined with the climbing, makes me nervous, especially since DH is a heavy sleeper, and I'm usually gone when Grace wakes up.

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