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March 19th, 2013, 02:16 AM
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....I must say that I am out of this cycle ...oeh... I dont know even if I should say that maybe I am luckier in the next month..because I have been in ttc... alost 1 year.... oeh..really it feels like I am losing the last hope..when did u figuret out your Bfp?
Our history

DH 24 ME 26

TTC since Mai 2012

IVF #1

ER: 14 Jan. 2014 (14 retrived, 8 mature, all 8 fertilized)
ET: 17 Jan. 2014 ( One, 8 cell perfect embryo transfered, 5 frosties)
BETA test: 13dp3dpt, 30 Jan.2014
BFP on Clearblue digi on 30th January, FMU, before my BETA test.
1st BETA 49
2nd BETA 3 Feb. 2014. was 120...
Our IVF failed...AF came 9.02.14

IVF #2
FET was scheduled 4.04.14
5 frosties didn`t survived the night...their`s development stopped..

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