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March 21st, 2013, 01:37 PM
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I will start a due date sticky for you all for now.

When your hosts are chosen, one of the hosts may want to copy paste the list into a new thread and sticky it and take this one down - that way, the host will be able to edit post 1 with any new or altered dates.

Reply with your IRL first name and EDD! (I'll get it stickied once some get added).

Due Date List for December 2013
1st - Kelizah (Katie)
1st - Aliciafj1 (Alicia)
1st - Honey317 (Diana)
1st - LexnessMomstah (Lexie)
2nd -Oriyan (Samantha)
2nd - jessk127 (Jess)
2nd - .nicole.michele. (Nicole)
2nd - ErinBoshnyak1985 (Erin)
2nd - beanpop
3rd - carlykay (Carly)
3rd - psboden (Sarah)
4th - Miss-Melissa-Sue (Melissa)
4th - Metamorphosis (Raquel)
4th - Tarheelbluii (Trisha)
5th - HorseGal (Kendal)
5th - jwitak (Jodi)
5th - lasean2013 (DeAnna)
5th - Vick2009 (Victoria)
6th - mgail (Gail)
6th - Black_Rose1990 (Rose)
7th - **jessie** (Jessie)
7th - mommy-of-one (Melissa)
7th - JJ1221 (Jessica)
9th - full0grace (Erin)
9th - blakesgirl09 (Angie)
9th - n8tsmomma (Erica)
9th - SurferRosa (Terra)
10th - geekgrrl123 (Mindy)
10th - peaveykat
10th - beautiful.mess (Marlene)
11th - Mommy2BooSkeebsnBug (Sara)
11th - Amandamf (Amanda)
12th - prayingforbaby13 (Heama)
12th - CherryLimeade (Danialle)
12th - swade66 (Shawn Joy)
14th - Kaniscooo (Kaley)
14th - Celinda_n (Celinda)
15th - AshleyKay (Ashley)
15th - aultmer (Meranda)
15th - bajars2531 (Breea)
16th - SweetiePeas (Amy)
17th - MamaLeah713 (Leah)
17th - mommymel11 (Melissa) TWINS!
18th - tnmcarranza (Theresa)
19th - Ms_jamie (Jamie)
19th - Arli O. (Arlicia)
20th - Karin70 (Karin)
20th - MsGigi
20th - MamaSally
20th - lily26 (Sammie)
21st - jdm0702 (Jackie)
21st - kara74 (Kara)
21st - bundle2baby (Jan)
22nd - Meggie26 (Megan)
23rd - anybodyinthere (Marti)
23rd - seahorses (Mary)
24th - Kivett12 (Sheree)
24th - mama2boys (Kristin)
25th - Brittanie (Brittanie)
25th - BoyerMom (Meaghan)
25th - mommamindy (Melinda/Mindy)
26th - Elvorfidia (Kerry)
27th - Papasgirl (Stefanie)
27th - Jodimarie (Jodi)
27th - MomofMaddy
28th - Leogirl (Holly)
28th - kayakr (Grechen) - TWINS!
28th - Lovelespaul (Andi)
28th - Jcouture
30th - JessMitch (Jess)
31st - Mollyjayne (Kathyanne)
31st - JulieMc TWINS!

December 2013 DDC Angels

DS1: Cameron 8/12/2012
DS2: Levi 3/30/2014

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