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March 24th, 2013, 04:48 AM
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Update from my appointment this week:

Overall, pretty good. BP still good, urine negative for everything, overall weight gain still pretty steady at 1lb per week, fetal HB was in the 140's. Did the GBS swab, and she decided to do a cervical check, since I've started having occasional painful contractions. She said cervix is very soft ("mush" is how she described it); outer os is dilated to 2, inner os is still closed. Head is down, so that's good.

Then I went for the ultrasound. She spent a lot of time on the belly, and said that it was measuring small), but that everything else looked good. Umbilical cord dopplers looked good, placenta looked good. Measuring 5lbs + something (taken with a grain of salt). DH asked her if she could get a picture of the face, but really the head was so low and facing posterior, there was no way to get a shot of it. Anyway...once my OB sees the u/s report, if she has any concerns, she'll let me know.

Weekly appointments now. And this was the last visit with the APN. She assurred me that all of the rest of my visits will be with my actual OB, so that's good to know.

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