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March 28th, 2013, 08:40 AM
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what did you use? Follistim & Menapur with an Ovidrel trigger for IUI
- What did it cost? Each medicine had a $70 co-pay for me
- what dosage did you use? By my last IUI, I was on 150 Follistim 2x per day, 150 Menapur 1x per day and an Ovidrel trigger for my IUIs
- did it work? I did not get a bfp
- did you have any side effects? and if so, were they as bad as clomid (or femara)? I never used clomid/femera
- were yours subcutaneous or intramuscular? For my IUIs, it was subcutaneous
- what did your insurance cover? Everything, but $30 co-pay for each monitoring session & $70 co-pay for each medication
- anything else I should know or ask about?? Sometimes REs will cancel cycles if you stim too many eggs. It sounds like yours is okay with a triplet + pregnancy. Mine would cancel if it was going to be more than 3 mature follicles at that time (again, for IUI, not my IVF cycles).
Mandy (34)
6/29/13 - transferred 2 embryos
7/10/13 - 14 dpo beta=300
7/12/13 - 16 dpo beta=825
7/19/13 - 23 dpo beta=18,870
7/26/13 - 30 dpo beta=72,091

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