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April 13th, 2013, 09:13 AM
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Hi all, Glad to have found this thread. I am 28 and almost 13 wks pregnant. I had a early miscarriage late last year so was already nervous about this pregnancy; having an SCH now is adding to it, but I'm trying to stay positive! I had some brown spotting and mild cramping in my 5th wk or so, so scheduled an appt for Monday. Monday, I started having really painful cramps and then started to bleed a lot actually as I was in the elevator to the doctor's office. I went to the bathroom and felt something pass; I thought I'd miscarried. The doctor said it could be a SCH, but she didnt' want to give me hope because of the amount of blood. I had an ultrasound two days later and they saw a heartbeat!! Since then, I've had several other 'gushes' with some small clots (I guess that's what I felt 'pass' at the doctor's office). I went to the doctor several other times after big bleeds but they always saw a heartbeat. Two days ago I woke up and felt myself bleeding, went to the bathroom and passed something big. I was so worried it was my baby, I asked my husband to get a wooden spoon and see if he could find anything in the toilet. It looked like a big clot but I wasn't sure, and didnt' want to look to close, so we brought it to the doctor's office. They heard a heartbeat on Doppler and said it was just a large clot, didn't do an ultrasound.

The thing that has bothered me the most is the lack of clear guidance on what to do about a SCH- my OB/GYN is a group practice, so every doctor is a little different, but regardless, they dont' give a lot of info about SCH even when I ask. It's only after I ask about what do do/ avoid that they mentioned pelvic rest, though several have said no matter what I do it wont' change the odds/ risk of miscarriage (ie- I can't do anything to prevent it, but nothing I can do can cause it, either). I mean, I guess that's somewhat comforting? But also frustrating to feel helpless. They've also said that even though I can't cause a miscarriage, some things- like sex or lots of activity- can cause more bleeding, which can just confuse things further, so it's better to avoid. They've also pretty much said that SCH's can vary in size, getting bigger or smaller, so at the last appt, for example, the doctor said it wasn't worth doing an ultrasound to look because he'd heard the baby's heartbeat, and that's the most important information he needs, and an u/s won't provide anything else.

Sooo, that's my story thus far. Will try to post as I progress- I hope to be posting in late October after giving birth to a healthy full term baby :-).
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