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April 27th, 2013, 01:32 PM
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I have done the same thing. My son is 16 months old and in these last 16 months I have lost so many so called friends and family. It's so pathetic that people can get so butt hurt over the way you parent a child. One night at dinner with my Mom and her bf Drake started to fuss, I had not even eaten yet so after attempting to calm him down I got up, went into the living room and started to play with him, and then when he calmed down I went back to eat my cold mean. Well her bf said to me "Babies need to cry. I cried, and I am fine." First of all I hate when people say they did something and they are fine because it's usually about crying or spanking and second off how am I affecting YOU that you need to make comments to me? Who cares that my dinner is cold, my son comes before me eating. I am him Mom and he needs me and I WILL be there no matter what. Ugh I hate the he needs to build an immune system thing. When Drake was 1 week old I had to go to the store, I took him and kept him in his carseat with a blanket over him. He was fussing and I was EBF at the time so I took him out to feed him, when I was done DH wanted to hold him so I said ok, and this guy came up to him and put his hand out like he was going to touch him and I explained no he was just a week old and I swear, this guy looked at me like I just burnt his house down. Even if you do not agree, do not show you don't and make the Mother feel stupid. I agree that you will not leave him with anyone. I have yet to leave Drake, I do not want too and also, I do not trust anyone with him besides DH since everyone seems to think babies can cry, be alone, not be played with and what have you.

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