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April 28th, 2013, 10:15 PM
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It's going well. Almost 18 weeks now! Just have the reflux. So annoying! Everything I crave makes me burp. Lol I am going to be given the 24 hour urine Wednesday. I hate that test! Been getting some high bp readings, but I am not too worried. If it comes to it, I'll probably deliver early. My OB has already hatched a plan involving meds and such. I'm in good hands.

It's a girl. I was really ticked off at first, but I have grown to like the idea of sisters. Willow Eden will be her name. I wanted Alchemy Eden, but it was vetoed. Dh wants Willow Fayde. He still thinks this is going to fly. Lol No. I will be filling out that birth certificate!

Three on Earth and seven in Heaven. Hoping to get knocked up in 2016. Sometimes.
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