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May 7th, 2013, 06:40 PM
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Originally Posted by PolicemansCowgirl View Post
3 dogs (a deaf 150lb 15month old great dane, a black lab and boston terrier) 1 cat and 7 horses...I love my animals and they are all so great with the kids!
7 horses?????? I have two and am the only one that rides. Well sometime the kids but not very often. What kind of horses do you have.

Lets see. I have 4 kids and #5 on the way lmao. Ok really lmao. I have 11 chickens. 2 horses. 2 dogs (a lab and a doxie) 2corn snakes. and a bearded dragon. The snakes are my husbands and the lizard is my 7 year olds. The chickens we just got this year so there still little and not laying yet. My horses are my babies. I tell my husband I could get rid of everything except the horses and the chickens and be happy lmao.
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