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May 18th, 2013, 04:55 PM
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Clouise, we had comments since our 4th, but they really got intense during the 5th when I started going into prelabor @ 26 weeks. I must've been in Labor & Delivery once every two weeks getting contractions stopped. He actually told me in Labor & Delivery sometime around the 32nd week, while the nurse was in checking on me, that if I were 35 weeks along he'd already deliver me because he's tired of this. I waw 3cm dilated by 34 weeks & went into labor on my own again at 37 weeks exactly when the other OB did a repeat c-section

At first I noticed that he would only make these comments when my husband wasn't with me, so with our last pregnancy, I insisted DH go whenever we were scheduled to see this OB. If my DH couldn't go with me, I'd reschedule. Anyways, it was during the end of my last pregnancy that I had DH go with me & the OB made the comments to both of us. My DH usually the calm & reserved one, did comment back... which is when the OB said that if we don't get our tube cut or my DH doesn't get a vasectomy that we he doesn't think he's able to see us for another pregnancy because we are putting his practice at risk.

Because the other OB group we've considering doesn't do any type of u/s, pregnancy confirmation, etc. until the 12th week & since we needed our pregnancy confirmed for insurance reasons asap, we returned to the original OB group. Now considering I'm only a few days away from the 12th week, we've been strongly considering changing groups.
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