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May 23rd, 2013, 03:21 PM
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I did. Drake latched great and BF like a champ! My goal was to get to a year and then let him self wean. But 2 weeks in he started to lose weight, he was throwing up and every time he drank my milk his belly made this awful AWFUL noises and he would scream in pain. He was not able to digest my milk. I tried everything I could. Lactation consultants, books you name it. I stopped drinking milk thinking maybe it was dairy. I then put him on formula, same thing. Then soy and he was fine. He was lactose, and on top of that was not able to digest my milk. Well, please ladies don't say anything that would make it seem like I could have. I still get sad to this day that it didn't work out. I still can squeeze milk from my nipple and that first formula feeding I cried like a baby. And then every feeding after that for 2 weeks I cried. I started to hate my boobs thinking I was not good enough. I wish so baldy I could have. But you know what, he stopped crying the second we put him on soy, his belly stopped and he started to gain his weight back.

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