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May 29th, 2013, 02:14 AM
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Now I may just be panicking and don't get me wrong I love kids but one is not on my list of things for the near future so I hope the answer is no... Last week I had sex for the frost time I have been on birth control for 6 years now but with my job it had been hard sometimes to pick up so for the last few months I have been pill-less until a day before I had sex.... We had sex 5 days straight (sorry for being so in depth) the first two I was on my period the last three I wasn't even now yesterday chocolate, the smell and taste made me queasy and my breasts started to become painful I've had cramps and bloating and for someone who does not take naps I took a 3 hour nap yesterday...could I possibly be pregnant? And could I knower do soon?
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