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June 5th, 2013, 02:37 PM
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Dr office just called.. they're fast.

TSH = 11

It needs to be no higher than 5 for him to recommend ttc.. ideally under 3. Upping the meds, repeat blooddraw in 8 weeks just like last time.

We CAN ttc.. he just can't recommend it at this point.

I told him when I saw him I had been on 100mcg of synthyroid for years to keep me at 4, sometimes as much as 125mcg. He put me on 50mcg saying it'd be enough.

Well obviously it's not. And he's only bumping it to 75mcg... so likely in 8 weeks it'll be adjusted up again.

I guess it's good DH will likely be gone my next 2 cycles.. guess I'll stop planning my July 4th trip to see him (I'll be Oing).
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