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June 6th, 2013, 01:01 PM
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Originally Posted by Mommy_of_7_Angels View Post
*hugs* Why would he give you less than you had been taking?
Because he's an idiot?

Originally Posted by *JenJen* View Post
*hugs* I'm sorry Ashley. Can you insist on a blood draw in 4 weeks instead of 8 to see how your levels are?
We might be taking Reme to the zoo in a month.. if we do, I'll book an appointment in Milwaukee and get it done myself. Cheaper... $100 here, $50 there.

Originally Posted by Sunrise View Post
Hi ash, I have been newly diagnosed with hypothyroid and my RE checks labs every week! Also, are you taking synthroid or generic? My re said is does make a difference. And, are you taking it on a totally empty stomach then not putting anything else in your stomach for another hour? Apparently absorption of the drug is highly affected with food/drink/other supplements.

Good luck. Pls keep us posted!
Levothyroxine. Synthyroid is rather expensive I'm told (the pharmacist told me likely 3x the price).

Originally Posted by geogeek View Post
I swore I replied...I am so mad at your doctor. I wish that he would just listen. I also get my thyroid checked every 4 weeks. I don't understand the 8 week wait. That is ridiculous. I hope that your levels get sorted out quickly and you get to TTC soon.
It's possibly done because this is all out of pocket. But I've never had Labs done even 8 weeks apart.. it's always been 12 or more. Once it's stable, I can pretty much tell you when I need labs done rather easily, because I'll have symptoms start to come back (fat neck comes first, then sleepiness). I've gone as long as 12 months between draws on more than one occasion and had the numbers be the same with no returned symptoms. I spent 4 of the 13 years on the exact same dose with no adjustment all. 100mcg...

DH isn't even here. He has at least another month down there.. that takes us through my next 2 O's. Next blood draw is about the same time as my O after that. We are waiting on word of a new job for him.. which would keep him away for 4-6m, but I'd be going down there. And we'd have insurance, good insurance. The OB is really annoyed we are uninsured... but I haven't told him I don't plan on using his services unless I have to once I'm pregnant anyway...
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