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June 11th, 2013, 01:12 PM
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I know the math for other programs is.. for O to mathematically fit into their algorithms your temp rise must go over the highest of the 6 previous temperatures. I don't know what FF uses, I don't use the program because I don't like its math.

here's an example of a really long cycle but gives a pretty clear pre and post O temp pattern. Probably my nicest chart ever except I didn't O until AF was due.

IF FF uses the same math as every other charting program, you aren't getting cross hairs because you don't have 6 temperatures to make the coverline appear.

Looking at your chart, I'd say you didn't O. a positive opk doesn't mean you will O, it means your body surged to do it. But it actually happening can only be shown by a temp rise and 3 temps over your cover line afterwards.
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