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June 19th, 2013, 11:28 PM
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Alright ladies, prepare to be grossed out. Koa caught his sister's cold last night and had a rough time sleeping from the congestion. I felt awful for my little guy and decided to try a product that I knocked before because it completely grossed me out. It's the Nose Frida aka "the snot sucker".

Well even though it looks completely gross I wanted to let you all know it is freaking awesome. It gets his boots out and helps him breathe. So in case you get desperate or our feel so bad for your baby, give it a shot! It was 14.99 and a pack of 20 filters was 2.99.

You stick this tube to the end of their nostril and suck on the other end of a cord that is connected to the tube and filter. You slightly twist the big tube while sucking and voila! Stuffy free baby. The bacteria or boogs never touch your mouth because of the filters.

a plus is you can avoid this too: but i think that person must have never cleaned their aspirator.

In other news. Koa was 9lbs 12oz at 6 weeks and at 3 weeks he measured 20in long. They said at birth it was hard to get his legs straight. I've got a big boy now!

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