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June 28th, 2013, 08:59 AM
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Thanks Ladies.

I'm starting to hear the "well you have Reme." comments a lot lately. As if a child that I can love, but have no rights to makes up for my body just refusing to stay (or get) pregnant. The only person who can give me any comfort saying that is Reme, and he will say it once in a while. Climb up on my lap and lay his head on his shoulder and say "If you never get to have a baby you will always have me, I can be your son."

I just hate that I'm Jealous all the time. I hate that I just cannot find it in me to be Happy for someone who is pregnant. Or if I can be happy, that feeling of Jealousy gets worse and makes things harder on me the whole time. *sigh*

This body better freaking do what it is supposed to or I just might lose my head in 3 weeks.
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