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July 11th, 2013, 12:05 AM
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Sorry jumping in here...
I am surprised she didn;t give you provera and then have you start clomid. I have never heard of taking it so late in the cycle and I have been at this on an off for years. Maybe you can ask for more opinions in the TTCMA forum? They would know for sure!
As far as CM, i haven;t used fertile CM but have used mucinex and pressed as well as many of the other ttcma ladies. I don;t relly have CM issues on clomid but I do have lining issues which you have to watch for!
Good luck to you!

Oh and one last thing... Your prolactin level is more likely elevated and causing this. Some women take longer to dry up. I was able to O with clomid when i could still express some milk.
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