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July 28th, 2013, 05:17 PM
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Hi girlfriend is pregnant and i need help figuring out if i am the baby's father or i'm just being girlfriend and i had sex on sunday,30th june 2013.we were chilling on thursday night,4th of july 2013 and she complained of nausea and generally not feeling well.i took her to see a doctor the following morning and she had all signs of morning sickness(nausea,headaches,weird cravings every 5 minutes,intense sense of smell).she went alone to the doctor and i chilled in the car.she came back and told me the doctor said she's,what i didn't tell you is that we had sex with a CONDOM but because i knew that i might have made a mistake,i took full responsibility and agreed that the child was mine.what bothers me is that it took her 4 days to get morning sickness,meaning she was pregnant in less than 4 days.another thing i heard is that pregnancy tests take atleast 10-14 days after conception(yes i did a crash course on the whole counting of pregnancy from last menstrual cycle and conception) and morning sickness should atleast occur in the third,my question is,is it possible to have sex on sunday and the be pregnant and already have morning sickness by thursday?and is it really possible that the doctor's pregnancy tests pick up a pregnancy withing less than a week of a pregnancy?i'd accepted that the child was mine even though we had protected sex but then i picked up from text messages to her ex that i'm being lied to in this relationship and the fact that we had sex with a condom already made me suspicious.i think i must mention that it was our first time having sex in case you gonna refer me to our previous sex sessions.
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