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July 29th, 2013, 10:24 PM
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I really hope I am not psyching myself up but for the last 3 days I have been having mild waves of nausea!! Especially after eating. So if I am not pregnant, which of course, is the goal! Its my darn acid reflux flaring up again. I took a test last week, which was way way too early, BFN as expected. Took one on Saturday when I started feeling sick, another was still a few days too early for the FRER. Soooo I am going to test again in the AM, if I get another BFN I guess I will just wait around for AF, which is due on Saturday, to show so that we can start on cycle 2.

Praying that this is our lucky cycle...I am kinda tired of having sex. Hahaha. When TTC it becomes more like a scientific chore!
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