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August 23rd, 2013, 08:58 AM
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The craziest part is that I got a BFP on Wednesday I got a beta done that day and should get another today once i hear from the doc. I am excited one minute and filled with doom and gloom the next. It is so hard to be optimistic anymore. I feel like I am giving myself a 50/50 chance that this will actually lead to a baby, and preparing myself for the worst anyway. My doc said she will ultrasound at 6 weeks or when betas are high enough so at least I will know sooner than later if it sticks. We actually got scheduled for a RE appointment in September. Praying that we won't need it
Here is today's pic and progression



This month has just flown by, I can't believe summer is over :-( My little boy started Kindergarten this week, and I am so sad. He goes all day everyday, it seems so long! Anyway, he is getting lots of support at school (special needs) and seems to be doing great so far.
My daughter has been getting lots of mommy time and starts preschool after Labor Day. We have been hitting the playground and the library, trying to keep her occupied. Trying to get her fully potty trained before school, i thought she was going to be easy, but she is proving me wrong.
Oh, and I turned 39 last week - ugh!
I am going to go check up on everyone this afternoon when she (hopefully) naps, thanks for listening, to all!
me - D (39)
DH - T (45)
DS - 6 DD - 4
10/2012 (7weeks)
1/2013 (8 weeks)
10/2013 (11 weeks, trisomy 21)

IVF#1 - June '14
24 eggs, 18 mature, 10 fertilized with ICSI
4 blasts sent for PGS, 2 chromosomal normal boys

IVF #2 - September '14

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