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August 26th, 2013, 04:27 PM
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Hi ladies! I am Elissa. I'm 24 and DH is 25. This was our 12th cycle TTC and we had just started infertility testing. My appointment to get the results back from bloodwork and stuff was next week! I fully believe that this baby is thanks to some HSG magic! We only DTD one day in the fertile window this cycle so I thought I was out until I got the hugest temp spike I have ever had. I made a deal with myself to test on Saturday and Sunday at 9 and 10dpo and if they were negative I would hold off until the following weekend when I would be late. Well fmu of 9dpo was negative but my eyes kept going back to.... something. I have been using my ICs for so long I must have noticed that something was off on it. After some running around during the day and getting excessively emotional at the RSPCA and feeling veeeery mildly carsick I tested again about 2:30 that afternoon and two lines showed up. I couldn't believe it so I tested with water and compared the two and then when I could go again tested with two cheapies again. Still two lines!!! I bought a frer to take in the morning and bought some father's day presents to surprise DH with. The next morning at 10dpo the frer came up with two lines nearly straight away. Surprised DH and I spent the rest of the weekend shocked, excited and scared. Bought some digis at shopping and tested at 11dpo and it came up pregnant. That was the best word I have ever seen in my life . As far as I know I'm due on May 8th. Here are some of my tests:


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