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August 30th, 2013, 09:50 AM
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I am so afraid I am going to miscarry. I have had light spotting for the last few weeks and know this is normal, but the color has varied and this has me worried... I made an appt. today for fetal foto to have an U/S just to see the baby in there. She said this early, we will be chancing it, but it's worth it to try if by chance it does ease my peace of mind.

This morning I woke up feeling good, yesterday I was a little queasy. Walking my kids to school I felt like I had better breathing, etc. Just little things like that. I want the full on symptoms noooow!!!!

I know there's nothing I can do, and if I do miscarry, I will be ok, it's just not knowing that bothers me.

Has anyone ever had an u/s this early with success?
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