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September 3rd, 2013, 04:39 PM
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I have 3 kittens so of course, there are boxes to scoop. Now I know I'm not supposed to clean the litter boxes, but what if I HAVE to? My boyfriend will do it but not as much as I would and honestly, I like doing it. No idea why. Would I need gloves and a mask?

The other issue is what about the kitties tracking the litter around the house? They get it all over the bathroom rug, so it sticks to my feet. They also get in on the toilet seat and bathtub because they track it in. It sticks to their feet then they climb onto my lap. Sometimes I find little bits on our bed. They can't get onto the kitchen counters yet, but will be able to eventually (though I will be training them not to go up there if I can). What if they lick their feet, then themselves and I pet them?

I plan on asking my Dr. but I won't have an appointment for a while and I'm kind of worrying about it!
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