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September 5th, 2013, 02:06 PM
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I think it depends on how accurate you want your chart to be, really. I temp during AF but I know of loads of women who don't. I guess its a personal choice but for me I try to make sure I get a good valid temp ever single day so that when O finally shows up (currently sitting on CD48!) I will be able to spot it and won't think "darn, I wish I had those temps!"

Taking your temp earlier than usual could drastically affect it, or it could not really affect it at all. Each person is different in how sensitive they are to those kinds of factors so it is impossible to tell you if it will make a difference for YOU.

WaitinginNJ: You need to take your temp first thing when you wake up. Before speaking, etc. The temp you're trying to record is your resting temperature, it would be best to take it while we are still sleeping but (obviously) we can't because we are sleeping lol so the next best thing is the moment we wake up. This will give us the most accurate reading. Be sure to get enough sleep too, it also needs to be uninterrupted (no early morning bathroom breaks, etc).

Good luck ladies!
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