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September 7th, 2013, 08:37 AM
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Okay to start off with, I'm not really convinced I did actually ovulate because I have PCOS and ovulating is something I don't get to speak of very often I guess I don't want to get my hopes up just quite yet.

Anyways my question is regarding my O date. FF put it on CD47 but I am wondering why not CD45?
I get that CD46 is quite a big drop but could it not just be a fallback rise... after all, my hormones are far from stable

I had very watery CM days leading up, the most being on CD45, then CD46 was still watery but much much less. In the eve after BDing I noticed a whole lot of small, clear jelly-like globs, they were really firm and held form, so I just marked it as ewcm on my chart but i don't really know what else it can be classed as lol.
On CD47 however, CM had dried up completely, and CP was marked as closed. I always struggle with determining this one, so if marked it as closed then I was pretty certain it was closed lol

Either way, We BD'd before both possible O dates, more before CD45 though so I guess it doesn't reeeaaallly matter, apart from the fact that the idea of my possible luteal phase being 2 days longer kills me

It would be amazing if my temps stay up, being on day CD50, I have had so many possible ovulation temp patches but they never sustain really gets a girl down!

Look forward to your thoughts! xx

My Ovulation Chart
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