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September 9th, 2013, 08:45 AM
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I just had my GBS test at 35 weeks, and my OB did do a cervix check. "Since I was up on the table anyway." She didn't do one the following week, however. I don't know when the next will be, she's pretty hands-off. She hasn't done the tape measure once. Glad about that. I always end up measuring enormous, but it's just the baby's position.

I have an appointment Wednesday, and she may check then. Third child and I wasn't dilated to anything last time! =P I only dilated to a 1 before I was induced with DD2. That was 4 days before my due date. With DD1, I was 2 cm by 35-36 weeks. My cervix is so contrary. I should be like 4 cm by now!

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