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September 9th, 2013, 07:01 PM
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So I live in a 4 story house with multiple staircases and I should have known that this would happen sometime. I wasmholding Ryan going down from our kitchen to the downstairs family room that is my lair and I tripped while holding him I slipped all the way down with him still in my arms only to have him wriggle out at the last second. He rolled from the bottom step to the floor, luckily it's carpeted. He only fell maybe half a foot but he did land on his head. He cried immediately and for about 10 minutes probably because I was crying as well, I was so scared I had hurt him by falling. I called my mom and dad in hystrics. I checked his whole body for bruises, anything, felt him all over and he seemed fine. After about 20 minutes I nursed him and he fell asleep, when he woke up he was all smiles and acting perfectly normal. I called and scheduled a doctors appointment for him anyway just to make sure that everything is fine. I have a sore neck, bruised and sore arm, bruised butt, and bruised ankle, I'm just SO glad that I took pretty much all the hits in this fall. It's been a few hours now and everything still seems normal with him I'm just afraid that something is wrong even though there's no signs of anything.

Have any of you BTDT moms slipped with your children in your arms?
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