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September 15th, 2013, 01:55 PM
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And snuck a peek at the bean before my scheduled US next week! I am so worried I will have an empty sac or something weird while I have DH and DD with me that I had to look. One of our OBs was up on the floor and volunteered to take a peek so I took him up on it. Since I see him all the time, we of course did not do a vaginal so he warned me we may not see much. All he could see was a healthy sac and possibly a fetal pole but couldn't really tell with the abdominal US alone. So I THINK I feel better?!? He said based on the sac not to worry and that I could sneak in for free with his office tomorrow if I didn't want to wait (of course I don't want to wait another week!).

Question is: do I tell DH I cheated and snuck a peek? He may not be so happy that I did....

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