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September 16th, 2013, 11:32 AM
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I dont know why I am so anxious today. I am 6w3d and no real reason to believe anything is wrong. I had an early loss in June and did a lot of reading about mc after that point, and I guess it opened my eyes to how common it is. I also have a history of anxiety.

But, I feel like my head is spinning and I cant concentrate and I am just anxious to the extreme today. I know its not good for baby and I need to calm down.

I am either going in for my first appt with my new practice on Wed or Fri, depending on whether I see the midwife or the OB. They originally told me I would def get a sono at my first appt but then the person I spoke to today (when I called to reschedule) made it sound like she wasnt sure and it would be up to the doctor/midwife to decide. She said I can call the midwife tomorrow afternoon to discuss which I am going to. My betas werent super high but did double (74 at 13dpo and 157 at 15dpo). My progesterone was low initially (10) but I am now on supps and my second beta it came back at 17.8. Plus I had an early loss in June and have longer cycles (based on LMP I would 7w1d but based on OPKs I am only 6w3d today).

Can pregnancy make anxiety worse? I dont know what triggered me... maybe not knowing if I will get a sono this week anymore? I hate feeling like this.
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