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September 16th, 2013, 02:58 PM
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1 year for first pregnancy, miscarriage
1 year for second pregnancy, rainbow baby
NTNP for 2 years, 3 chemical pregnancies
*started Vitex and finally had regular cycles*
10 cycles, BFP for twins, miscarriage
3 cycles, BFP, miscarriage
1 cycle, BFP, rainbow baby
*breastfeeding so irregular, 7 day luteal phase*
NTNP 10 months, BFP, chemical pregnancy
NTNP 1 month, BFP, now 38 weeks pregnant

I am very very good at getting pregnant. Keeping pregnant is an entirely different thing!

3 on Earth and 7 in Heaven NTNP for #4 and doing the boy diet till!
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