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September 18th, 2013, 11:32 AM
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If so how did you go off of them? Did you work with your doctor or just stop taking them? What was/is your experience with life without meds?

For most of my life I have not taken medication. When I was younger I did but then when I started having kids I stopped taking them. I didn't work with my doctor I just quit taking them. Probably not the best way to do things but that's what I did. I've been taking medication for over a year now and I've thought about stopping them because sometimes I feel just fine but I know when I don't take my lithium my moods can get severe and out of control. There may be a point where I want to stop taking meds and if I do I imagine that I won't work with my doctor because doctors are never supportive of this. But, lithium has a lot of side effects. I have to get my blood levels checked regularly and sometimes I question whether it's good for my long term health. For now though, I don't want to mess with anything.

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