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September 20th, 2013, 06:09 AM
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Originally Posted by Nayabug View Post
Im just confused and wanted to know what you ladies think.
I last had my period was Oct 15-20, normally right on time or a few days early,
always 4-5 days long full periods. So I shouldve started my period Nov 8 and today. (25 days between)... Which makes me 25 days late.
I had unprotected sex Oct 27,28,31, Nov 1,5,8,14.
I had light spotting on Nov 4,5,10,19 and 20th but it was barely anything, and dark. Also during the Oct-Nov BC pack I missed...quite alot of them, took them way late, found one on the floor from who knows when. I had bad cramps for like 2 hours one day and thought I was going to start my period and nothing came?
I took a 6 home tests and 1 at Planned Parenthood (Nov 16,18,21,23,26,29 and today 12/2)
...all negative of course. Im supposed to start today, and nothing came.

The symtoms Ive had is: the one day of cramping, Nausea (like everytime I eat pretty much and in the morning)- Ive only puked foam(stomach acid)? a few times one day, my emotions have been crazy- crying for no reason or mad, Ive been waking up alot at night which I never used to do, WAY more tired, more frequent urination, breasts are sore, the line from my belly button down has gotten darker?(my friend noticed that and said it was a sign) and I've been more hungry but eating less due to feeling like im going to vomit so I eat a small amount. I normally dont feel super awesome in the morning either. So idk whats going on, just wondering if anyone has waited that long for their positive to show. Its just irritating because Im starting to think I just might be sick or something worse. Like I want to hold on with drinking alchohol because I feel bad and I know it wont mess anything up in the beginning but Im not sure for how long.. and since its been a month.. its kind of.. mind boggleing.

So did you have a long period of time that you were getting negatives and then FINALLY gotten a positive.

Oh and I was using EPT early responce btw.

I am going through the exact same thing.! Except I was not spotting for that long please let me know ASAP what you found out.!!
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