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September 22nd, 2013, 09:48 AM
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Friday. Last set was just over 5.. so close enough to normal that it is likely not what's causing the issue. I'm hoping for a 2-3 this time.

We are loosely taking a few months off. My pap came back abnormal and I have to have a colposcopy done next Monday in Milwaukee (if AF holds out long enough.. looks like I O'd late this cycle so she should) to see if I need part of my cervix taken off or not. If I don't, we'll be back to ttc in November (results won't be back in time to ttc in October (*pout* my birthday's in October) and if I do need one there won't be any TTC until 30-45 days after the LEEP since we can't dtd for 30+ days after. We will probably push the LEEP into 2014 if we can, since we will have insurance and it would go towards our deductible.

after that, since DH will probably be gone away to work, next step will be for me to seen an RE and get some answers to heavy painful periods, painful ovulation, etc... and hope that shows some reasons why I can't stay pregnant.

The only upside to the last loss.. if there can be an upside, is I didn't use soy or vitex. I've always had to use one or the other to get a bfp... so something I did changed something for the better.
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