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September 27th, 2013, 03:36 PM
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Hello again everyone! I have an issue that I DESPERATELY need help with....

So I have a history of some c-sections (all which were uneventful I might add), and now that I'm currently expecting our 8th child, the doctors are breathing down my neck to get a tubal ligation that I nor my husband really want.

Here's a little bit of history...
My OB history is in my signature, but here's a little bit more info....
So I left my previous OB around my 13 week of pregnancy because the doctors were very uncaring, & they said I was putting their practice at risk with my c-section history. Before I left the practice though, upon inquiring as to why they feel as they do, they did give me a list of medical reasons as to why I should go along with the tubal ligation....

So here's the new practice..... I chose to go to a bigger hospital with an in-house maternal/ fetal medicine staff readily available. Anyways, I asked MFM about the list of medical reasons as to why I shouldn't have any more children & they debunked about 90% of them stating that recent research has proved that the reasons listed were no longer up to date. They even stated that because I've already had 2 natural births, amongst the medically necessary c-sections' that if I should go into labor on my own, the risk of uterine rupture is quite small & they would strongly consider allowing me to attempt a natural labor... again, as long as an induced labor was NOT needed. The only significant risk, they stated, would be placental issues, but after they conducted an ultrasound, they said that wouldn't be much of an issue either.

Then we have the regular OB staff (located adjacent to MFM).... In addition to criticizing me about my family size & questioning how on earth I manage both mentally & financially, they listed quite a few of the medical reasons for having a tubal ligation that my previous OB had stated. After telling them what MFM had stated, they told me that MFM just didn't want to scare me & they were NOT in full agreement with them. As far as trying to have a natural birth, they completely dismissed the idea even if I "show up at the hosptial 10 cm. dilated"... So with that being said, now that I'm 30 weeks, they've really been pushing the issue of tubal ligation & the last two appointments have been BEYOND horrible, having me leaving in tears, which they show no sympathy.

I just don't know what to do anymore & it just seems that nobody cares or understands what I'm going through....
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