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September 30th, 2013, 09:37 AM
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Well it happened yesterday. I know this baby is not our first he/she will actually be our 5th but we are so happy about the gift we have been excited because each baby is a unique individual and little person we cant wait to love! I was really hoping things wouldn't have felt so awkward. My inlaws invited us to brunch along with my bil and sil and their 2 adorable children. My 3 yo kinda spilled the beans to my mil prior to us arriving that morning so she knew but did not say any thing to my fil. We prepared a nice reveal for them. I got the sweetest gift bag that said the best gift ever on it and inside I put a sweet baby elephant that sings a lullaby (mil loves elephants collects them). I also put a card that had baby foot prints and said congratulations grandma and grandpa see you in May! This was a gesture of love because I did not even feel like seeing my mil as she can be very difficult and troublesome. I wanted to do the right thing and try to make her happy regardless. When we got there my husband gave her the bag and she was hesitant then my 7yo was asking her to open it. She opened it sort of laughed and said o look a new elephant for my collection...she was playing dumb I guess? Then my sil said something like o wow maybe you can have one for each of the months or something meaning she knew what we were trying to say with the gift? Then mil reads card sort of smile and laughs again and gives it to fil...waits for him to figure it out. He gets up hugs me and says congratulations...thank God cause I was so uncomfortable. MIL says nothing no hug no smile she always hugs me at least??? closes bag and makes it like it never happened. No one says anything to sil and bil so bil says wow really? and that was it. I am feeling awkward so I tell the story of how my 3yo ds told grandma this morning how it was supposed to be a surprise and he cant tell her about the baby in my tummy. Bil and sil laugh. No one says congrats or we are happy for you just fil???? It was weird. I am thinking MIL is not happy and cant understand how she contained herself from telling fil before we got there? Just felt so weird. It is hard for me because my mom is gone and I know she would have been really happy for us. Does anyone else who has lost their mother feel this way. I told mil this but she still remains cold. Anyway that's our big reveal wooptidooo! All I was hoping for was a more warm reaction I guess I should be happy no one said anything negative. It has always be me and dh against the world since I lost my mom and grandma I should be grateful he is so wonderful! Sorry for the pity party ladies just made me feel sad and miss my mom all the more.

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