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September 30th, 2013, 10:10 AM
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Originally Posted by xagamama View Post
I'm so sorry for your lack luster response. I knew we wouldn't be getting a good response from my MIL either. She actually said "Where in the h*ll are you going to put it?" This is #5 for us as well. Actually #6 because we lost a baby this last May. My MIL said some pretty insensitive things in that situation as well.
I know that she loves my kids to bits when they get here, but she is so rude and adamantly thinks we should be "done" having kids. She made it clear that she thought that about 3 kids ago. HA! My hubby is an only child, but my MIL comes from a family of 7 kids and she is #5 herself! All 7 were raised in the house we currently live in. I just don't get it!! And how someone isn't excited about a new baby is beyond me! My husband and I don't ask for anything, and we don't even hardly ever have help watching the kids. So it is not like this is going to be a new "burden" for her or something.
I honestly just can't wrap my head around any of this! This baby is every bit as exciting as my first! At least my kids are excited and they want to talk baby all of the time. So that makes up for it in the long run!
I'm sorry about the loss of your mom, I can only imagine that makes everything so much worse with your MIL. I hope you can find comfort in those that ARE excited about your news.
Wow I certainly understand all you have said. My mil has said some pretty harsh things too. I am so happy for you congratulations and I am so sorry for your loss of baby number five. Thank you so much for your kind words...I feel better.

Originally Posted by joanna26 View Post
Aww I'm sorry they were not more excited hun Every baby is special and deserves to be celebrated!
Thank you so much!!!!

How can there be too many children? That is like saying there are too many flowers. ~ Blessed Mother Teresa
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