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October 2nd, 2013, 07:30 AM
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Here is Little H! Measuring right on at 8.5 weeks. Hb was 152! It was so incredible to hear that. Everything else is looking good. We are ecstatic and I feel so much better!

What I also learned:
-I have a tilted uterus. Well, I knew this before, but had forgotten - they had to do a vaginal u/s. Not sure what this means for l & d if anything?
-Bleeding is from my friable cervix. No bleeding anywhere else. Thank God!
-I have small cyst on my right ovary that is going down already. I long suspected that -- I've had twinges on that side for several months. But...
-...I also ovulated on that side! So apparently it's in working order.

So does that mean I implanted on the right?

Mirielle Margaret born 4/24
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