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October 2nd, 2013, 11:11 AM
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for taking 8 sick days since the middle of August. I now have to bring a DRs note to work if I am sick.... I have worked here for 5 years!

1. Im pissed cause I havent taken 8 sick days!
2. Im livid because my supervisor knows Im pregnant and very sick
3. This happens the day after I came back from a sick day, after catching the flu that is going around the office... so they want me sick in the office with the flu that I caught there, so I can spread it around some more?!

I emailed my supervisor my actual dates and number of sick days... which has been 4. One when we got back from honeymoon in Aug and I was still sick from Mexico. Two for morning sickness in sept and 1 yesterday from this dam flu that I am still very obviously sick with.

I then went to my actual boss and told him what is going on. That I am pregnant and things are not going to well for me. That I am hoping I have another 3-4 weeks of this and it will go away, like it did my first time.

My supervisor has been back from mat leave all of 1 month and I already cant stand her again. I want to walk out of here. This is a very compassionate easy going nice place to work and she destroys that.

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