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October 2nd, 2013, 02:36 PM
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I had my first ultrasound today and it couldn't have gone any worse. I was so excited for it and all that was completely ruined.

I got to the ultrasound office and they told me after my ultrasound to see the receptionist and she'd set me up with my next appointment.

When they finally saw me the ultrasound went terrible. They wouldn't tell me ANYTHING. Not what the heart rate was, if there was even a heart beat. Not how far along I am. Not what my due date is. Not if the baby was in the right place. Not if there was even a baby. If there was 1 baby or 50. She wouldn't even let me see the screen. She said "there is nothing to see".

After the ultrasound I went back to see the receptionist and she said "We'll call you if we need to book you another appointment" and didn't look happy, before she was smiling. To make things worse my BF couldn't be there because parking in this city is impossible. There was literally no where to park in a 30 minute walking distance, at least. So he had to drive around for over an hour waiting for me.

Now all I can do is worry. I've been bleeding a bit and have already been worried enough but now this? I have no idea when the midwife will get the results because everything is so slow here. I'm trying not to worry but now that's impossible. The 3 other people that were ahead of me, all for their first ultrasound (I over heard), all got pictures to take home. I didn't.

And we just told people... And they all said we were too young, blah, blah and to abort. Now if I have to tell them something like this they are going to be relieved or happy or say it was for the best or something. I'm dying.
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