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October 2nd, 2013, 03:43 PM
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LoL she sits right behind me so I could arrange that. I am so pukey all the time I could probably puke on command if needed lol Im sitting her coughing and sneezing and sick as all hell all day too... its not like im faking being sick to stay home or run around during the day having fun... I was laying in bed with a fever & sleeping all day!

I realized as I was sitting here fuming that I have been working an extra 30mins-1hr every other day for the last 4 months and an 1hr every day for the last month. I did it and didnt asked to be paid for it cause my actual boss is so relaxed about lunch hours and such. .... I shot both him and my (recently returned) female supervisor a note this afternoon asking to have my hours officially changed to accommodate for my extra over time. Screw this being nice crap, I will play petty and dirty if they wanna.

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