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October 3rd, 2013, 10:12 AM
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I ended up taking the afternoon off after losing my breakfast and then losing my lunch. I was dry heaving the whole way home and called the OB. They sent in a prescription for Zofran. Dh had to come home cuz I just so sick. I love the Zofran. THANK GOODNESS. I'm back at work today eating crackers and soup to keep things basic. I have my Zofran with me in case I need it. I felt guilty for leaving work for morning sickness, but I just couldn't control it.

I was just so shocked how quickly the morning sickness turned from nausea to throwing up (even dry heaving after nothing was left).

Lucas Xavier is here! Born 4/24/2014 at 10:47pm
7 pounds 6 ounces
20.5 inches long

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