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October 3rd, 2013, 03:27 PM
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FWIW I'm roughly following the Brewer pregnancy diet (supposed to help prevent's basically a high protein diet) and that says on average women who have done that diet gain 35-45lbs...also says you should eat salt to taste and eat quite a few cals (can't remember how many) so it in some ways is opposite of what conventional medicine says. From reading about the Brewer diet I believe gaining 45 or more pounds isn't a concern, as long as it is coming from healthy sources and not processed foods or sodas. Worked for me last time (didn't get pre-e) and I was at high risk for getting it with type I diabetes.

Originally Posted by girlsofsummer View Post
I am trying sooo hard not to go crazy with food, but it's so hard when all I want is salty goodness and buttery goodness and cheese....Ohhhh the cheese....

haha I ate A LOT of cheese with my daughter! IMO that's not a bad thing...certainly better than eating sweets because at least you are getting protein and calcium.

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