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October 4th, 2013, 07:09 AM
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Originally Posted by Del4 View Post
I would say if a homebirth is what you're after, fight for it! Don't even consider an Ob or hospital until you have to. What state are you in? Not all midwives have to be linked to an Ob, depending on the laws in your state.
A midwife is not financially possible right now. Had we still lived up north it would be a different story. We've gone over our budget and we just cannot pay that right now. The end of the year is a very very tight time of the year for us. I've had 2 successful home births with a wonderful midwife. I told my husband when we moved back downstate (where we both are from and had a better opportunity to getting back on our feet) that the only thing I would miss about being up north, is our midwife.

Originally Posted by ashleyjo View Post
I know lots of people who have had their babies at the U (i live 30 minutes on the other side of Ann Arbor-- ) and they've all loved the experience-- for ME, I don't want to drive that stretch of i-94 in the winter for appts cause I'd have to get a doc i Chelsea or Ann Arbor, and then when I'm in labor I REALLY don't want to have to be in the car that long to get there.. My cousin in law went into labor with her second, they started heading to the u and had to turn around and come back and she delievered within like 10 minutes of walking through the door here.. My sister lives in Grosse Pointe and delivered both of her babies at Bon Secours and had great experiences there too.. For me, I'd stick closer to home as long as it's a good hospital-- for me, U of M does have an amazing NICU, but my hospital has a great special care nursery and the u is a quick helicopter ride away! Good luck!
I'm from Brighton so I was a 16 minute ride from the hospital, straight down 23. Where I live now, I'd be going west on 96 to South on 23. My oldest was born in January and we were nervous about the weather but that kid came on a rainy day with the grass still showing haha.

I'm going to keep my appointment with the OB office I have now. I spoke with a friend who actually delivered there and had nothing bad to say. Although she couldn't answer some of my questions because her delivery went differently, but she was very helpful in what she could answer. So when I go to my appointment, I'm going to ask about the hospital, their procedures for patients, etc.

My SIL lives in Redford and recommended an OB office on the hospital grounds that her friend who had the twins recommended to her. She said they're great. So I'm going to see how this appointment goes and we'll go from there

I know I have time to change my mind. I just want to feel comfortable in the decision we make. And after my last labor, I'd really like to avoid any long car rides, especially knowing my luck, I'd hit rush hour and would be screwed haha.

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