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October 4th, 2013, 01:11 PM
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You ladies have some great points! I've heard the guilt trip many times about unvaccinated kids making vaccinated kids sick. And that's all it is, a guilt trip. We do a partial schedule, which for us includes only what's required for school. Hubby would ideally do them all and I would ideally do none, so that's how we chose to compromise. I'm not against them entirely and don't judge those who do them all, but our family has extremely strong immune systems, and to me it's not worth the multitude of chemicals to vaccinate against things our kids will almost certainly not get anyway.

There have been very few long-term studies done on the effects of the chemicals in vaccines. Not the antibodies that provide immunity, but the chemicals that are included as preservatives and for other reasons. I'm just not comfortable putting that many chemicals into my kids when we don't really know what they're doing to those tiny bodies. So that's my reasoning behind the partial schedule.

With Lincoln we started in the hospital with the hep b (I didn't want to but the drugs had me all mixed up and I said yes before I thought it through) and did the recommended schedule for the ones we chose to have him get. With this baby, I'm NOT starting in the hospital and I'm thinking we may delay the others a few months, as well. I haven't had him in for his first mmr dose yet. That one makes me nervous because I had a serious reaction to it as a baby, so I decided to wait just a little longer for it.

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