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October 4th, 2013, 04:46 PM
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I am not sure on vacs I would like to do delay but bf wants them done.
I will get the whooping cough and any other person that wants to be around the baby my state has a very high rate of whooping cough.
In researching it I found that the booster kids are getting at 4-6 years old is not lasting as long as they thought. The next booster is not until 10-12 but they found out in the 2010 outbreak that kids that had the kindergarten booster were catching it the 7-9 year olds
My step daughter is fully vaxed she will be almost 10 when baby is born we are going to see if she can get her booster early because she is in school and I know it can really make infants sick if they get it.
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