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October 5th, 2013, 07:47 AM
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Ok, so most of last night was uneventful, I still had contractions off and on, nothing really consistent, but I usually get up to pee about 1-2 times a night. Last night I got up about 4-5 times, then this morning (TMI warning) when I wiped there was a spot of blood. I called L&D, they wanted me to come in to check me out, but I said, I will get ahold of my Dr. first. So talked to Dr. and she said that since my contractions weren't consistent and I only spotted the one time, she said, I would just need to keep an eye on things and if i started spotting more or my contractions got stronger and more painful, I would need to go in for monitoring. I will tell you that I felt like I was leaking when I was sitting in the shower this morning, but I have a pad on and there's nothing coming out, but I've pee'd twice at work and that's a rarity for me this early in the day.

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